Virginie Audet

Defines positioning and customises the brand identity of businesses, associations and professionals – Supervises and facilitates strategies and business decisions. 

Specialised in positioning and brand identity, professional business coaching as well as the facilitation of focus groups, Audet Branding is the perfect match for enterprises as well as professionals (individuals).

You can trust the experience and professionalism of Audet Branding to position and differentiate your company.

Whether your aim is to acquire a clearer, more consistent and more coherent view of your very essence, to give direction to or to answer the fundamental questions of an organisation, Audet Branding has developed an extensive line of services that offer enterprises and professionals what they seek.

Its president, Virginie Audet, is an expert in positioning and brand identity. She is genuine perceptive and innovative; she is especially renowned for her ideas, for being a master strategist and for her leadership skills. Over the years, she has guided compagnies and professionals along their path has assisted them in creating an approach focusing on their value creation, allowing them to one-up themselves and to maximise their potential.

Whether your aim is to position and differentiate your firm or to create your professional identity, you can count on the experience that Audet Branding has to offer you.

Audet Branding works directly with the client and also offers enterprises, professionals as well as advertising/communications agencies freelance consulting services. Audet Branding has in its employ trainers accredited by Emploi-Québec as well as trainers for several professional orders (training units*credits).

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