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Agency specialized in customized positioning, branding and brand identity

Services offer by the Agency Audet Branding


Branding – Brand Identity

Positioning Business, CEO, entrepreneur and personalizing their identity and branding.

Program for businesses, CEOs, entrepreneurs and Members of boards.

Whether you need new logo, website, marketing tools or copywriting and translation.


Personalized Business Coaching (Coaching in Branding)

The purpose of business coaching is to position you

Professional guidance that allows you to obtain concrete and measurable results.

Coaching in branding for CEOs, professionals and all people who want to stand out


Group Discussion Facilitator

Powerful way to manage new ideas, solve problems and find concrete solutions while tuning in to subtleties and insights.

Is an expert for the gradual creation of this process (questions, goals, etc…).

Is an added value for any business that wants to generate news ideas and facilitate their decision-making.


Linkedin – Create Your Professional Identity and stand out

Stand out on Linkedin by creating a profile to let you know and recognize.

To create a professional identity for yourself (Me inc.) that sets you apart from the crowd.

Complete Linkedin profile for all professionals, CEOs, entrepreneurs who can improve their visibility.


Resumé SOS with personal branding!

Make sure your resumé stands out with a winning personal branding strategy.

Emphasize your unique personality, experience, with a WOW-inducing design.

For all professionals, CEOs, entrepreneurs, individuals and members of boards.

Audet Branding is an agency specialized in customized positioning, branding and brand identity.
Whether it’s for a company or for your own professional services, stand out from the competition by personalizing your brand.

Some branding strategy achievements


Mr. Rizzuto
Conseiller en placement RBC Dominion valeurs mobilières

There is one thing i will never forget about the coaching with Mrs. Audet, it’s the method she used to help me Re-discover my family and business values witch my foundations are built on. Audet Branding made me step out of my comfort zone and helped me distinguish myself from the competition. Mrs. Audet thank you for bringing my business to a higher level.

Mr. St-Jacques
Industrielle Alliance

Virginie worked on optimizing my LinkedIn profile, through all his work, I was contacted shortly after by a headhunter for a large financial company! Thank you again and keep up the good work!

Mme De Ladurantaye
President at deladurantayedesign

Having worked with Audet Branding inc, we found them to be extremely professional, paying the closest attention to every detail while at the same time expressing themselves in a language easy to understand. A fierce determination to get to know their clients allows them to fulfill their requirement at every level.